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Cab and ambulance services


Heidelberg enjoys the highest reputation as a clinic and healthcare location. Hundreds of thousands of patients from all over the world come to the university city every year to be treated here. Especially in case of regular outpatient care, the way to the hospital is a costly undertaking. Healthcare rides provided by TLS-Heidelberg can help. Transporting people with limited mobility is a challenge, too. With our barrier-free cab, we provide support in this area.


"Come in, get in, get by" - that's the maxim when it comes to accessibility. E-wheelchair owners used to have to struggle to get into a cab in Heidelberg.  In 2020, TLS-Heidelberg solved the problem. Since then, we have been operating the first barrier-free inclusion cab in Heidelberg. We are very happy to have been able to close this transportation gap in cooperation with the Municipal Representative for People with Disabilities and the Municipal Citizens' and Public Order Office.


  • The hospital and faculty employ around 14,000 people
  • The hospital is divided into 50 specialist departments
  • Approximately 108,000 inpatients are treated here annually
  • Over 1.1 million outpatient visits take place here annually





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Our passengers often can recoup the cost of a TLS health ride from their health insurance company. Basic requirements for a refund are:

  1. Proof of a doctor's prescription for medical transport (''Krankentransportschein'')
    Ask your doctor for the respective certificate. This proves that he/she sent you to a specialist, hospitalized you, or issued a prescription for multiple physiotherapy sessions.
  2. Approval of the transportation by the health insurance company
    Most health transports must be pre-authorized by the health insurance company. The referring doctor's office should be able to give you an initial estimation whether you are entitled to a refund of costs or not.

Frequently asked questions

In most cases, yes. If a permanent mobility handicap has been proven, the so-called "fictitious approval" applies. This means that the doctor's prescription is enough, and the health rides do not additionally have to be approved by the health insurance company.

It is automatically present in care levels 4 and 5. For care level 3, it is only present if either the additional characteristic sign of permanently reduced mobility is present or if care level 2 was already present in 2016. (Characteristic sign "G", "aG", "Bl" or "H").

For an outpatient surgery or pre/post hospitalization treatment, the transport voucher is issued by the hospital. For transportation to therapeutic measures, the prescription is issued by the doctor who prescribed the therapy.

Insurance holders pay 10% of the fare (min. 5,- € and max. 10,- € per trip) as a mandatory co-payment. Children and adolescents must also pay an additional co-payment.

The earlier the better. In exceptional cases, however, short-term bookings are also possible.

We will be happy to take up to 3 additional people with you as companions.

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